Left parties has no role in Centre: Rahul Gandhi

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Kasargod, April 5: Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi said that the left parties will not play any major role in Indian politics after the elections, while the saffron party is trying to divide the society with anger.

He was speaking at his first rally in Kerala for the Lok Sabha polls on April 5, Saturday. Mr Gandhi said that the victory of CPI(M) in the election will indirectly help the BJP, since there is no role for left parties  at the Centre.


Attacking BJP, he said that BJP is in divisive politics, while Congress has always taken nation forward through the partnership of all sections.

Criticizing Modi, he said that the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate said that he wants to be the chowkidar (gatekeeper) of India, but Congress party wants all people of India to be the nation’s chowkidars, since Congress believe in million people of the nation.


Commenting on the CPI(M) in Kerala indulged in politics of violence, he also said that Centre has no place for violence and intimidation in a democratic polity.

In Kasargod Congress has its youth leader T Siddique against sitting  CPI(M) MP P Karunakaran, he added.

In the past 10 years, UPA is bringing 15 crore people above the poverty line, and if further too people bring Congress to power, another 70 crore will be developed, he added.

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