The Youth Commission of Udupi Diocese organized on April 20th, 2014

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April 20

Udupi: The youth commission of the diocese of Udupi, with its units ICYM, YCS AND YSM, has been organizing various academic and co-academic programs in order to empower the youth in various professional fields together with faith-formation and personality development. This is not only the opportunity to gather all the youths but also platforms to display of their talents.

Youth commission, along with its unit ICYM is pleased to announce the first ever musical show of a young budding artiste of Udupi diocese who is making news these days in the Konkani music world, on April 20, 2014 at Udupi. he is none other than Mr. Prajoth D’sa, the person who has won the hearts of many music lovers with his trend-setting and unique maiden audio album ‘UDI UDI’ . The album has created history in Konkani music with its record-breaking sales. The mesmerizing voice of Mr. Prajoth D’sa, with a blend of other experienced and youthful voices of Udupi diocese, will make this evening a memorable one. The show will also unleash dancing and humor talents of the Diocese.


Since it is a diocesan venture organized by the youth commission, Hence the Organizing committee is looking forward to the patronage and support of well-wishers. Your financial help will go a long way in making this event happen. Hence the Organizers requested the well wishers to support by sponsoring one of the following categories and promote the budding artistes of our newly-erected diocese of Udupi

The sponsorship categories and tariffs are as follows.
1. Event sponsor: Rs 1,00,000/- (name will be displayed on top of the backdrop)
2. Event co-sponsor:- Rs. 50,000/-(name will be displayed on top of the backdrop)
3. Sounds and light sponsor: RS. 40,000/-(name will be displayed on top of the backdrop)
4. Physical arrangement(stage-setting/chairs etc): Rs. 25,000
5. Advertisement/printing : Rs. 35000
6. Music sponsors: Rs. 25,000
7. Song sponsor: Rs. 5000 (per song)
8. Dance sponsors Rs.5000 (per song)
9. Refreshments: Rs.20,000/-
10. Mementos Rs. 15,000/-

If there anyone wants to donate smaller amount than the above mentioned tariff also accepted. To send your contribution Kindly note the following bank-
SB a/c No. 1819, MCC Bank, Udupi.

The proceeds of this show will be used for the betterment of youth in our new Diocese.
For any further information please contact Rev.Fr. Edwin D’souza -Director, Youth commission, Diocese of Udupi, Bishop’s house, Udupi.

Report by: Joy Fernandes. Moodubelle

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