Unidentified wicked folks fire at Bharathi Builders & Developers in Bejai, New Road.

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Mangalore, March.10 : Attackers fire bullets at builder’s office located at New Road, Bejai around 11 am. The shooters arrived on two wheelers and asked for the builder, when they found that he is not available, they started firing and then escaped.

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The famous builder and entrepreneur of the city Mr. Lokanath Shetty’s Bharathi Developers office is located at New Road, Bejai. It is said that 2 youngsters arrived here around 11 am and fired bullets at the office. Mr. Lokanath Shetty was not available at this time and only office staffs were present in the office.

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 As soon as the incident took place Police force from nearby Police station, Police Commissioner Hithendra arrived at the spot and investigated. Police suspect that the incident might have taken place due to demand for money or various other reasons.

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Mr. Lokanath Shetty claims to have received threat calls and letters from underworld few days prior to the incident. It is suspected that the firing was done due the above reason. Bullets have been found at the spot and detailed investigation will be conducted by experts.

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