Udupi: In elections, Medias are not the final decisive factors: Rajdeep Sardesai

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Udupi; Feb 24: While speaking Rajdeep Sardesai, chief editor of a network of 18 channels and country’s leading TV journalist has opined that in the elections being held in India, though it is a fact that T.V including news papers are taking important role, Medias are not the final deciding factors

On the last day of the Manipal School of Communication’s (SOC) annual festival of communication ‘Article 19’, Rajdeep Sardesai spoke about democracy, media, politicians and elections.

As a testimony to his comments, he has given examples of three general elections held in India. Election results, then only one DD channel, first time directly relayed, popularly known as Bofors election in 1989’s election, by glorifying the various news of the then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, though his opponent V.P.Singh did not have any value, in the election result V.P.Singh had won completely with clear majority and defeated Rajiv Gandhi.

In another election held in 2004, in all the eight satellite news channels were broadcasting that in the election, victory of Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s BJP was 100% sure. Through India is shining slogan, in all the TV and news papers BJP favour news were sparkling. But when the election result came, UPA headed by Sonia Gandhi won and BJP experienced a biggest humiliation.

Likewise Uttarpradesh election in 2007.Here there was a tussle between Mayavati and Mulayam.Though Mayavati was not appeared in any TV channels for giving interviews, she had defeated Mulayam Singh, the man, who was occupying most parts of the TV channels. From these, what you will understand is that though Medias are playing pivotal role in today’s developments, those are not the deciding factors. In TV and news paper pages, if somebody shines at once, we cannot say that he will win the election at any cost. India is vast and heterogeneity country. The TV which has not reached majority of the people and ordinary people, who have not seen the TV at all, cannot decide the future of India, he said.

Narendra Modi is an amazing actor:

Now the method of projecting Narendra Modi is marvellous.He was an actor in the beginning and now that art is being used very well. In his every step, dramatic qualities are more. Without tarnishing the image of his individuality,  by changing the clothing according to the situation and without compromising his head,beard,by showing himself in front of the people, will become a model for the remaining people, he said.

Rahul Gandhi is completely opposite of Modi.He does not have common sense, how he has to project himself in TV and news papers.Mya be he does not have suitable advisors. In these matters, America’s president Barrack Obama is like model for all the politicians, he analyzed.



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