Kundapur: Hollywood actress Jaima and Yoga Guru Cameron, who become husband and wife in Kollur as per Hindu tradition

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Kundapur; Feb 20: Kollur Mukambika temple for the first time witnessed the marriage of Hollywood actress. On Feb20, Thursday morning, Kollur was looking as if Hollywood shooting was taking place. The reason was very simple, Hollywood actress Jaima and Yoga Guru Cameron became husband and wife as per Hindu tradition in Kollur. The marriage rituals of the two were performed by Kollur temple’s Suresh Bhat as enjoined by sastras. In the procession of friends and relatives attending marriage, only the troupe of Hollywood actors and actress were present and thereby created a new history in Kollur Mukambika temple.




Marriages are made in heaven, from where Kollur Mookambika and from where California’s Hollywood actress but the wedding of Hollywood actress, a Christian by religion Jaima and America’s Yoga Guru Cameron ,neatly and as per Hindu tradition, Indian style took place in the proximity of Kollur Mookambika. If you look at Kollur’s history, wedding of actor-actress and celebrities, not new to Kollur. But wedding of Hollywood actress and America’s Yoga Guru in Kollur Mookambika kshetra, purely in Indian style by becoming husband and wife, created a history. For this marriage, Avatar film’s actress Cynthia, Michael Jackson’s fellow singer Taylor Dawn, actress Catherine and Lisa Linda were the special testimony for this marriage. Actress Jaima, as an actress, starring in several films in the past, is now into Yoga and enticed by Indian culture, tradition, by marrying as per Hindu culture, has filled the Hollywood color to Kollur.




During Yoga training in Kerala, Catherine and Jaima became acquaintance and that acquaintance gradually turned into friendship and then sprouted into love. Thereafter both of them used to visit Kollur Mookambika temple together. After becoming mad, crazy after tradition, culture and beliefs of the temple, this couple decided to get married here only. Accordingly yesterday they entered the wedlock and tied the nuptial knot as declared by the sastras.




There was no arrangement for wedding in Kollur temple that is why wedding arrangement was made in nearby Gopalakrishna temple. Suresh Bhat took the complete responsibility of the marriage. For this marriage a complete,pure,genuine Indian style set was put. Both of them did not have the interest in Christian religion’s wedding.





Wedding rituals:

Starting from around 10.30 am in the morning, wedding rituals took place until 12.00 in the noon. In the beginning Sabha Pooja,resolution,Ganapati Pooja,Vara Pooja,Maangalyadhaarane,Kanyadhana,Saptapadhi,Laja Homa,Aarundati Pooja  etc were held. Sharp at 12.00 in the noon on the auspicious moment, along with tying the Thali, the mission, the dream of their conjugal life accomplished.

After the wedding, a luncheon was arranged in the temple. After all the formalities of wedding were over, the newly wedded couple, who visited Kollur Mookambika, has been blessed for their happy married life forever.


L.S.Maruti, Managing director of the temple, deputy director Krishnamurthy, Superintendent Ramakrishna Adiga, Kshetra Purohit Chandrasekhar Puranik, Gajanana Joyshi, Sudarshana Joycee, Vishnumurthy Udupa, Narasimha Bhat and among others were present.

The locals and staff of the temple are always witnessing in one way or other have become thrilled after participating this rare marriage. When we are roaring for western style marriage, foreigners are following Indian culture. These will not only a lesson but also a model for us.

The couple, whenever they visit Kollur temple, they used to experience serenity and decided to get married here only. Suresh Bhatt,(who performed wedding rituals.)

In Hinduism along with God’s meditation, the method of performing Pooja also a very special. In spiritual realization, Hinduism is useful. In this context, after studying complete legacy of Indian culture and traditions, we are contemplating to open one meditation centre.-Jaima and Cameron, (newly wedded couple)

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