District in-charge Minister inaugurates sound-light play ‘Manushya Jathi Thanonde Valam’

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Mangalore, Feb 8: District in-charge Minister Ramanath Rai inaugurated the sound-light- visual play ‘Manushya Jathi Thanonde Valam’ at Nehru Maidan here on February 7, Friday.



Speaking on the occasion, he said that Even though our country is known for the maintaining unity in diversity, the people are not respecting the cultures of other castes and religion.

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He also said that the caste system was classified to distribute among various people to lead a systematic life, had become the major reason to divide the people. Although the people are becoming more educated, still the strong caste system do not allow them understand the human values.

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The play scripted by Kotaganahalli Ramaiah was directed by C Basavalingaiah for the concept of N R Vishukumar, Director, Department of Information.

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The effort of Lakshmipathi Kolar, (Lyrics and script) Dr K Y Narayanswamy, (Music) Hamsalekha, (Stage Design) Shashidhar Adapa, (Stage) Sarvesha, (Light Design) Ravi Mohan, Nandakishore,(Choreography) Dr Geetha, (Make up) Ramakrishna Belthur,(Costumes) Roopa Rajesh Noopura,(Publicity) Goutham Avarthy, Suresh Kumar,(Assistant Directors) Ramadeva Rake, Rubin Sanjay, M.B. Kumar, Shivaprasad, Nataraja Shivu, Sahana Pinjara, Subrahmanya Hegde and S S Hiremath, (Associate Directors) Sunil Hudugi, Rajesh Kunder, Renuka siddi, Subbanalli Raju, (Stage Manager) H M Rangaiah (Technical Director) K Shivarudraiah touched the heart of audience.

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MLA J R Lobo, MLA Moideen Bava, DC Ibrahim, Information officer B A Khader Shah, First Division Staff Seema, Information Assistant Chandrashekar Azad, Shashidhar Hegde, Pradeep Kalkura, were also present.

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  1. Sir the play yesterday which I saw made me to realize why cast system was made and how Dr Ambedkar fought againstit.I was always against castism but some times I to have to surrender to caste system based on reservation of seats in colleges. Thank you for the show sir

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