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    The Youth Community of Thulu Naad:u has to be encouraged , taking into consideration the present deviation being taken place due to advanced technology, to understand more and more about the importance of Thulu culture that includesw Thulu Sanskrati, Thulu Sanskaara,Thulu Saanskrithika activities, Thulu Dharma, Thulu Kale, Thulu Janapada, Thulu Jaanapada, Thulu Parampare . This will rebuild and strengthen the social value and inturen enable the younger generation to uphold the caltural value. This is possible by involving them in socail activities not with exclusive orientation but with due value to their interest which shall not hamper age old cultural norms. The role of social organisations should amend their by laws by incorporating such provisions so that the revival whereever wew find lost can be with institutional background. The piramedic structure by keeping Akhila Bhaarat Okkuuta in the apex level definetly move towards the right direction with the blessings and benediction of eminent personalities like Dr.Veerendra Heggade . I fully agree that the youth community should be made to involve more and more in this direction irresoective of their academic interest.

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