LPG Gas tanker overturns & fire engulfs eight people including mother & child. Area cordoned off!!

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Mangalore, April 9: It has been reported that a tanker, which was going to Bangalore, loaded with 16,000 litres of LPG from Mangalore Refinery and petrochemicals Ltd overturned at Perne on national highway 75 near Uppinangadi, on April 9, Tuesday morning, while taking a sharp curve and caught fire abruptly.


Sources said, fire caught as a result of LPG spread all around the vehicle and surrounding area.


The entire area around the tanker was burning like a volcano and one could experience the unbearable heat emanating from the distance as a result of huge flames.


Police rushed and cordoned off the area within a radius of one Kilometer and arranged for the evacuation process of building and houses in that area. As the fire was uncontrollable, people were still in state of panic as there was a chance of building, trees etc catching fire. Two houses located near the road side caught fire as result of the fire, as reported.


The fire brigade personnel have been summoned and were being rushed to the spot and started extinguishing the flame.

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As per the TV reports more than eight people were burnt alive including one Shobha along with her child. Apart from these,Indira (40) Vimala(38) Anganawadi teacher and Khateejamma (37) who reside by the side of the accident spot have also been reported seriously injured and have been admitted to Puttur hospital and from there they were taken to Father Muller Medical College Hospital,Mangalore,it said.

Also it has been reported that three Lorries, a car and a bike have been charred in the incident

The traffic on both side of National Highway has been stopped and as a result one could see the long line of vehicles on both sides of the road.

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