Sarika Death Case: Suspected youth missing

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Sullia, Nov 22: This year August 11th a one year old baby Sharika, of Mohandas and Bhavani of Nadugallu had gone missing and child’s body was found after thirteen days on the river bed about one kilometer away from their house, with her head and hands chopped off. The parents suspect that the child might have been sacrificed for treasure.



Now it is more curious that a man who is the relative and neighbour of Sharika also gone missing. He is the one among in the group who are hunting for the hidden treasure. He used to pass by the house where Sharika’s parents stay and hence it was suspected that he had taken her away. Two others who were with him had been arrested on charges of killing 70-year-old Parameshwar Gowda and in connection to the treasure hunt.


All the people should unite and fight against black magic: Kemar Swamiji:

Regarding Shree Esha Vittaldasa Swamiji of Kemar Sandeepani Sadanashram visited the Charmatha area in Nalkuru where it is suspected that one-and-a-half-year-old Sharika, was ‘sacrificed’ in black magic to retrieve hidden treasure on Thursday November 21.



Then he said that nowadays black magic become the business. In shastra there is no mention of human sacrifice. But today it is being practiced in the pleasure of treasure. So all the people should unite together and fight against black magic Swamiji said.



He further said that the government should book people who indulge in human sacrifice under Goonda Act. Until you fight, we will support. Justice should be delivered where injustice takes place,” he said.



Mahesh Shetty Thimarodi, Durgadas Mallar, Padmanabh P R, head of Marakatha temple, gram panchayat member Vijay Kumar, Jyothi Premanand and others were present.

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