Human sacrifice for hidden treasure at Sullia?

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Sullia, Nov. 18: In our land from the past only we sow the cases like human sacrifice for hidden treasure. Some people are prepared to sacrifice humans to find out wealth. It is suspected that in Sullia also such incidents taking place but it is not clear.

Nearly 25 years ago people of Sullia started to pick valuable stones in the reserved forest. From various places traders came to buy those stones. Though everybody used to pick such stones in the beginning, gradually only influential people entered into the forest. So there was a argument between the forest department and the people. The area between Sullia forest and Coorg’s Somavarpet had no security. The forest department had become helpless in front of the precious stone pickers. People near the forests had lost their sleep amidst all the tension.


Treasure hunters till now bill that there are precious stones in the place of the old temple here. 3 years back some group of people started to dig the ground for treasure. but they backed off when they saw some troubling scene.

Ever since the secret of the hidden treasure of Ratnapura was unraveled, people have had their eyes on it. Attempts to search for the treasure have continued.


However, the search took a dangerous turn later. Several unnatural deaths occurred in the place and the people are scary about that. There are rumours that an astrologer had advised human sacrifice in order to retrieve the treasure.

This year August 11th a one year old baby Sharika, of Mohandas and Bhavani of Nadugallu had gone missing and child’s body was found after thirteen days on the river bed about one kilometer away from their house, with her head and hands chopped off. The parents suspect that the child might have been sacrificed for treasure.


It is said that the body of the child was found in a sleeping position on a small tree. The body from the head till the chest was decomposed.  One hand was also decomposed. But as per the However, the police who conducted post-mortem said that her entire body was decomposed. The doctor also confirmed it.  However the body seemed like the child had died just a day ago. Her neck was decomposed but body was intact.

Another strange fact is that the villagers had not found the body there a day earlier when they came searching for the child. There was no foul smell either.


Like this so many unnatural death cases took place at Sullia. And related to the deaths the people of that area found a dug near the lake and found some puja materials. So they suspected that all unnatural deaths are human sacrifice for hidden treasure. The villagers have expressed anguish that the police department and revenue department who need to take action against the guilty have remained silent.


The locals have said that the revenue department should have acted as the treasure is a government property.  As the treasure was said to be present in the forest, the forest department also should have taken action.

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