Killer Praveen’s clemency petition rejected by President; to be hanged

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Mangalore, April 5: Praveen Kumar-a resident of Heriyadka had applied for Mercy Petition with president of India along with other seven persons from Karnataka has been rejected by the President on Thursday, April 4  along with four others.

Praveen had been nabbed by the police in connection with his involvement in the murder case occurred at Vamanjoor on the night of  February 23,1994,when Praveen had gone to the house of Appi to spend the night there. He had been apprehended by the police within few days of the murder.

On interrogation, he had admitted to the crime and even shown them the place where he had hidden the ornaments.

Lower court had announced the death sentence and later confirmed by the state High court and Supreme Court. Although Supreme Court had passed the execution order in the year 2003, the same was kept pending as Praveen had already filed petition for clemency

It has been said that Praveen, a resident of Heriyadka near Uppinangadi in Puttur Taluk was addicted to single number lottery and was working as tailor along with this wife with a Tamilian businessman in chilimbi, Mangalore.It is believed he used to stay with Appi often.

His addiction towards his single number lottery forced him to mortgage all the ornaments belonging to his wife and family members.Besides,he was also taking  petty loans from various other sources and still he is under financial crisis perpetually.

In the intention of robbing jewellary, Praveen Kumar had hatched a plan of killing four of his relatives as he was in urgent need of money. It is said he had incurred a heavy loss and always in debt trap as result of his addiction to single number lottery.

Praveen killed Appi Serigarti-sister of his father, followed by her daughter Shakuntala, Grand daughter Deepika and Appi’s son Govinda.

The husband of Shakuntala, who is serving in foreign country, had just come to native place a few days earlier to the crime. Thinking that Shakuntala’s husband might have brought cash and gold ornaments and thought, it was the right time to commit crime.

On the fateful night of February 23, 1994, Praveen slept as usual after having his dinner. He got up at midnight to execute his plan and hit the above four persons with handle of an axe including Deepika who was ten years old.

After one year of crime, Praveen escaped from the clutches of police, while he was being brought to Mangalore form Hindalga Prison in Belgaum. He had fled to Goa thereafter after escaping from police, where he married to another girl and became a father of female child.

A person who was anticipating the announced reward money of one lakh by the son-in-law of Appi’ to the informer of Praveen’s whereabouts, gave the clue about the whereabouts of Praveen and took his reward money.

Praveen had been nabbed after four years of his escape by Anti Rowdy Squad Personnel in Goa.

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