Udupi: Will rowdy sheeter Nagaraja balegara appear to court on Nov 11 along with his wife???…

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Udupi; Oct 30: Nagaraja balegara, branded as rowdy sheeter, who escaped from the clutches of Kerala police from Hiriadka and gone underground in Goa, committed several thefts over there in association with his wife and was arrested there by the Goa Police and now serving in Mapusa jail .Though he was to be produced in Udupi court on October 29th but Goa police didn’t bring him to Udupi.

Goa police didn’t bring Nagaraj to Udupi court in connection with rowdy Vinodh Shettigar’s murder case:-

According to body warrant issued on him in connection with rowdy vinodh shettigar’s murder in Hiriadka’s sub jail, he was to be produced in Udupi court on October 29. But due to some restraints, turmoil and hindrance, the plan of producing him in court shattered.

Therefore as a second step, police after getting body warrant from the court, the information has been sent to Goa police to bring Nagaraja to Udupi in connection with escaping from Hiriadka sub jail along with his wife on November 11.Now as of today, it is confirmed that Nagaraja along with his wife, will be produced in Udupi court on November 11.But police department has not ruled out that date may change due to some other reasons.

Is there any co-ordination deficiency between Goa-Karnataka police and court?

Though Nagaraja was arrested by Goa calungute police 15 days ago, still he could not be brought to Udupi. Under the circumstances, it is presumed that lack of co-ordination between Goa-Karnataka police-Court, may be the reason hindering the process of producing Nagaraj in Udupi court.

But police claim that at one stage there was a problem because he has changed his name. That is why, we had to apply for body warrant two times. According to Udupi court, Goa police could have brought Nagaraja after obtaining body warrant but according to Goa Mapusa Jail superintendent without court’s permission, Nagaraja cannot be sent.

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