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Udupi: Safeguarding the Karavali’s popular folk game “Kambala”

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Udupi; Oct 23: Kambala (a buffalo-race in slushy field) is an ancient rural folk game. In view of safeguarding and conserving this ancient folk game, Kambala preservation, responsibility and training academy D.K and Udupi in association with Kasargod district will hold training camp for 30 runners (racers) at Miyyaru Lava-Kasha Jodukare Kambala stadium in Karkala taluk.





Along with training on method of running the buffalos, training will also be given about the beating cane, the way of tying turban, the method of tying rope in plough.




Besides, the training will also be given to racer buffalos.Miyyaru Lava-Kusha Kambala academy has already completed three years of its opening. Likewise this is the third year of training camp taking place. 18 pairs of buffalos have been sent for training from different houses.60 kgs of horse gram is being consumed for buffalos. After the training, a hot water bath is given to buffalos.




Buffalos have got 8 teeth. if the 6 teeth are crumbled down, will be considered as senior buffalos. If the buffalos are below the age of 6 years will be identified as junior buffalos and above than that senior buffalos.



Shridhar.K.Acharya will be the training instructor for all these buffalos. In order to maintaining physical balance of the racers, the medical test will be conducted on them at the time of selection.



After the medical tests, 30 people (racers) have been selected. In this, post-graduation, engineering, diploma, degree, teachers and the people who are on higher posts are receiving training.



For the trainees Yoga, exercises, cleanliness, lectures and trainings etc will be conducted systematically on daily basis. There is an opportunity to share trainee’s opinions. During the lecture period, along with personality development, training on mental preparation will also be given.


In the evening, training on hot water bath of buffalos will be taught. No help from the government, says academy convener Gunapal. Nandalike Shreekanth Bhat has undertaken the responsibility of 10 days ration and accordingly sent 6 quintal of horsegram.Likewise many likeminded donors have co-operated, he says


A buffalo race will be held on November 10, at Miyyar stadium for 230 trained buffalos in plough and rope junior category.

Academy has said that this time, in the limit of buffalos running place, practical censor arrangement will be made beginning to end. This Kambala stadium is located in 5 acres of land. The distance of the race will be around 145 metre.When the buffalos step into the field, green and red light will appear. Every step of the buffalos will be recorded in Video and in this regard, research has been made.

Uppundoor’s Ravindra Kumar’s buffalo “Appu”is the prime attraction amongst all the buffalos. It has continuously bagged the prizes in all the buffalo-races. This is 9 years old.

Under the auspices of district samiti D.K and Udupi and Kasargod Kambala for the year 2013-14 will be held from November 15 until April 06, 2014.Training for this will be held from October 17th until October 26th.

After training, if you leave, there won’t be any benefits but if you keep on attempting, there will be ample of benefits. There are many racers, who have undergone training in running. Besides after receiving training, one can earn in lacs.There are more demands for buffalo-races (Kambala).Even youths can earn handsomely provided they take an interest.

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