Belthangady: Some unscrupulous people conspire to defame me & my family members and trying to damage the sanctity of Holy place-alleges Dr.Veerendra Heggade

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Belthangady; Oct 16: Addressing the press meet held in Dharmasthala Vasantha Mahal on Oct 15, Tuesday, Shri Kshethra Dharmasthala Dharmaadhikari Dr.Veerendra Heggade said in his address that State government and police department are responsible for the Sowjanya rape and murder case and unnatural suicides and murders occurred in the jurisdiction of Dharmasthala. Neither I nor my family is responsible for those incidents, he said

But now Mahesh Shetty, president of Nagarika Seva trust, by taking advantage of Sowjanya’s case, tying to defame me and my family members and thereby trying to bring bad repute, name to the ancient holy place and tarnish the sanctity of the place. This has in fact hurt my sentiments and feelings. This is nothing but a pre-planned, well organized onslaught on religious centre and attempts to bring black scar on my Dharmaadhikari seat.

Because of all these allegations, I never lost my self-confidence, bravery and keep doing my religious activities of this holy place. Those who are trying to bring bad repute to the sanctity and defame the holy place, Lord Manjunatha Swamy, Annappa Swamy and religious deities will not spare them and will give them befitting reply. I strongly condemn the allegations in filthy and low standard languages against the religious activities of the place, he said in an angry tone.

Though Sowjanya’s rape and murder case and couple’s murder happened outside the limit of Dharmasthala,I called and informed the then home minister to conduct a thorough probe into the incident. Then I demanded for CID investigation. Whenever required, I responded them suitably. Neither I nor my family members didn’t oppose the investigation.

In this case, my nephew Nischal’s name has been dragged deliberately and he is studying in New York. Even at the time of incident took place, he was in New York only. He has produced his passport and bank pass-book for verification in front of the meet.

After the incident took place, my family members came to me seeking help. I promised them all my co-operation in this regard.

But after the visit of Mahesh shetty from Nagarika Seva trust and Kemaru Shree, the incident taken a complete twist.

Because of the disgraceful and indiscriminate incidents are being showing in one of the private TV channels against the religious activities of the, devotees are tend to lose confidence and adversely affect the sanctity of the place and devotees who visits the place on regular basis are encouraging the devotees to stage a protest against these illegal activities taking place inside the religious centre.

But I pacified them to be calm and peaceful and nothing sort of activities is being taking place in this religious place. Some deep rooted conspiracies are being hatched against Hindu holy places and thereby they are trying to discouraging the devotees from visiting the place and lose the confidence amongst the devotees. Once that is happened in place like Dharmasthala, there may not be any holy places in future because of their conspiracy. he regretted.

He further said that we are contemplating to take legal action against the people who throw baseless allegations against us. This place has engaged in many social service activities for the last four decades. We have continued our charity works by giving new modern outlook. People may not be convinced, if somebody forgets all these achievements within a fraction of time. The place has got already recognition for the social services rendering from within and abroad.

Whatever the findings, outcome of the press meet, that will be explained in the devotees conference, which will be held on Oct 16, Wednesday at Shree Ratnaverma stadium and express my pain, he said

Dharmasthala Gramaabhivridhi yojane is sanctioning loan to self-help Sanghas at the rate of 18% interest and all our transactions are transparent. Reserve bank has already directed that micro finance companies can charge interest up to 26%.

1% of the income will be utilized for social seva activities and charities and balance amount will be used for the maintenance of the temple and related activities, he added.

In order to maintain discipline in the place, auto drivers collectively made ‘D’ number. On behalf of the place, one man has been deputed with auto drivers. Due to ‘D’ number, auto drivers maintain discipline and number of accidents reduced substantially.

The people, who cannot tolerate these arrangements, will throw unnecessary accusation against us. These arrangements have been agreed by the people of the place.

In order to get insurance from education department, we persuaded Sowjanya’s family members to produce relevant documents but they did not co-operate with us. In this connection, employess of the insurance company visited Sowjanya’s house two times but without co-operating, they are unnecessarily hurling allegations at us, he said.

Responding to the allegations about the possession of the lands of SDM educational institutions and Dharmasthala Kshetra, he said that we got all the relevant documents and is ready to place it before revenue department anytime, let them examine it.

He further said that with regard to all the old buildings, which were built legally by my ancestors, if it was not built legally, had they got the permission for those buildings? He questioned.

In this connection, if any issue is there, government only should speak and I cannot speak on this matter, he said.

At the time of land tribunals act, we only came forward and helped the farmers to get around 4500 acres of lands. As far as our accounts are concerned, which is transparent and every year audit is being conducted and about the profit, the concerned authorities will be informed, he added

Since the robbery case of idols in Moodbidri Jain Basadi, is an inter-state issue, I demanded for CBI inquiry, when state police did not get any suitable co-operation from the state concerned.

Sowjanya’s case is a local issue. Due to the presence of media, the number of cases of atrocities on women has come down and for that media should be complimented, he said.

Answering the question, ‘are you satisfied with the COD investigation’ he said COD is one of the high profiled investigation centers in the state and it has already submitted one report, he added

Whoever might have committed the crime, mistakes, it was the responsibility of the police department to arrest the culprits. If anybody is there, apart from Santhosh, who is under their custody, let them arrest.

Now family members of Sowjanya accusing three youths.If, it is so, let them conduct an inquiry on the youths.

If the investigation is delayed or department is failed, home ministry and legislators of this constituencies must be blamed and they are answerable for this lapse, he said.


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