Udupi: Like a chameleon, sinner husband mercilessly beats & admits his wife to hospital.

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Udupi;Oct 02: It has been reported on Oct 01,Tuesday that a case of beating and thrashing backwards and forwards, sinner husband has admitted his wife in hospital.


Sources said that Iliyas, aged 35 had married Aftha, aged 24, resident of Kodankur two years ago. In spite of having elder unmarried sisters at home, family members of Aaftha, got her married with Iliyas as per his demand by paying him whatever he asked including 25 pawn gold ornaments and Rs 1.5 lac in cash as dowry.


Though in the beginning of the marriage, it was a happy married life. But gradually and slowly problem started creep in and their house became battle field.


After spending all the money, which he got after selling her gold ornaments, he started harassing, torturing her to get money from her parent’s home. In this connection, daily in their house beating and thrashing backwards and forwards was going on.

It was on Monday, between 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm, after beating and thrashing Aaftha mercilessly, Iliyas dropped, Aaftha at her parents’ house in Kodankur.

Aaftha got one month old baby as well. Now he has become too small in front of others due to his ferocity nature. After reaching home, she did not disclose anything to anybody in the beginning but slowly she started telling that she is having a head ache. She was admitted in Ajjarakadu hospital on Oct 01, Tuesday after her pain started getting aggravated.

When the condition of her health becomes worst, doctor suggested her to getting admitted in KMC and now she has been admitted in KMC as suggested by her doctor.

Sources said that Iliyas has got an affair, that is why he is torturing Aaftha. Aaftha’s father-in-law and his naphews never used to torture or harass her but her mother-in-law and daughter-in-laws were torturing like anything, which they are not supposed to do. Besides mother-in-law and sister-in-laws were telling him that you leave her at her parent’s house and we will help you to get married again.

Now the case has been registered in Brahmavar police station.

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