Udupi: ’Komu Souhardhika Vedhike demands action on ‘Khadga Dheekshe’

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Udupi; Oct 01: Swami Pranavananda,President,state Akhila Bharata Hindu Mahasabha,had told in the press meet, on September 15,that the Hindu dharma is being attacked, assailed .Therefore  for the safety of nation, cow and women, the ‘Khadga Dheeksha’ programme will be held in the city on October 25th and  by giving Khadga Dheeksha to youths, courage is being instilled in the youth to fight in the street. Many youths from different organizations came forward to take Dheeksha.


In this connection, a state-wide special programme will be held to protest against Khadga Dheeksha by Komu Sauharda vedhike.


Under the auspices of Komu Sauharda Vedhike has staged a protest against Akhila Bharata Hindu Mahasabha on Oct 01, in front of clock tower demanding the suitable action against the ‘Khadga Dheeksha organization.


Khadga means sword Dheekshe means taking oath, by holding Khadga in hand, one has to take oath by surrendering himself for any fatal act under any circumstances.


Any individual or institution, under any circumstance, keeping, storing and hoarding lethal weapons for any sacred or profaned works, is against the law. Already the coastal region has become famous for endless violence and even the small provocation will become big disaster.


In this connection for the peace and harmony of the Mangalore city, Sanghatane Vokkoota has furnished the list of names in the complaint, who have been accused to Mangalore north police station to take action but western zone police commissioner took it lightly by saying, this is one of the memorandums and this will be reviewed.


 After receiving news about this, Hindu Mahasabha committee members have challenged the law to take Khadga Dheeksha at any cost but still the western zone police commissioner did not take the issue serious.

 Demands of Komu Souharda Vedhike to Karnataka state home minister and state police commissioner:

  1. Dk, district administration has to pass an order to take suitable action against Khadga Dheeksha people, institutions, organizations, Sanghatanas.
  2. Precautions and preventive measures on the basis of union government’s circular have to be launched to prevent the evil forces, which want to disturb peace and harmony in the society.
  3. In order to maintain peace and harmony, public should be intimated, what are the measures have been taken for the safety of the minorities.

G.Rajashekar,president,Komu Sauhardhika Vedhike,Paniraj,Jayan,Malpe,William Martis,Hussain Kodi Bengre,D.S.Bengre,Iftikar,Hayavadhana,Moodusagri,Sundari Puttur and among others were present.

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