Kundapur: Heartless butchers; an orphaned girl tortured by her own foster parents

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Kundapur; Sept 25: An incident of run-away case from the house by eight year old girl, named Shipashree (name changed as she is minor) has been reported at Hengavlli, near Halady in Kundapur taluk on September23, Monday. It was said that unable to bear the physical and mental ill-treatment, torture meted out by her own (new) parents, including denial for her basic rights, she took this drastic step.




It is learnt that, couple from Hengavalli, near Halady in Kundapur taluk, who are into hotel business in Bangalore had adopted the girl from Bangalore with the promise of looking after her but they have become devils in her life.

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Shilpashree is the daughter of Siddappaji and Bhairavi from Bangalore and when she was a child, both her parents were died leaving the child an orphan. It is said, the family who adopted her never treated her properly instead made her to do all the house chores like cleaning, washing clothes, vessels and did not even provide her sufficient food. There were many burnt marks all over her body.




After she left from her house, she was wandering on the street. Locals, who saw her wandering, informed the matter to Hattiyangadi’s CWC’s “Namma Bhoomi” organization. It was on September 23, Monday people from Namma Bhoomi reached the place of her stay and saved the girl.

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