Unused medicines meant for 108 Arogya Kavacha Ambulances unscientifically dumped in dilapidated PHC building

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ivsets_dumping_phc bldg

Sept 20 : It is ,Democratic Youth Federation of India activities (DYFIA) who brought to the notice of the media and the office concerned recently about the unscientific way of dumping of unused infusion sets, dextrose bottles and an emergency medicines meant to be used in 108,Arogya Kavacha ambulance in a dilapidated PHC (Primary health centre).

The DYFI activists, who staged a protest recently against lack of basic facilities, including the post of Medical Officer and Lady Medical Officer, at the PHC lying vacant for nearly two years.

Ramakrishna Rao, District Tuberculosis Officer, deputed by the district health office to hear the grievances of protestors has been taken to dilapidated PHC building by DYFI activists to show the status of the medicines dumped.

Several infusion sets, dextrose bottles and other emergency medicines were found strewn around in a room. In another room worn out tyres and tubes had been dumped. Upon enquiry, the PHC personnel said the medicines were to be used on Arogya Kavacha, whose personnel were using the quarters. The PHC personnel said the Arogya Kavacha personnel vacated the quarters 10 months ago. “

But PHC personnel did not inform us about the medicines lying there as told by PHC official to Dr Rao. He then directed Bhaskar Kotian, the in-charge Medical Officer of Surathkal PHC, to issue notice to Arogya Kavacha management. He also directed Dr. Kotian to get the weeds around the dilapidated quarters removed and also write to the government for its demolition.

Earlier, the activists protested against the delay in appointing two doctors to the PHC and non-functioning of Arogya Kavacha ambulance from the Surathkal PHC. On an average 50 persons visit the PHC every day for treatment, claimed DYFI district secretary Muneer Katipalla.

Dr. Rao said, “Orders (to appoint doctors) will be issued in three days.”

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