Fight against Autocratic Rule by Naveenchandra Suvarna, Alleges M.Sitaram

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Mangalore, March 28:  As reported by Mr.Sitaram at the press meet held at Pathmudi Saudha on March 28, Thursday, Akhila Bharatha Billawara Union is the only single association which represent whole of Billawa Community.



It has been alleged that Naveenchandra Suvarna-Present President of the Union heading the union undemocratically and not in accordance with the by-laws of the Union for the past 20 years with his own handpicked cronies of his like.

Sitaram also said in his speech that in spite of having 4000 plus members in the union, Suvarna never made any attempt neither to inform nor to invite any members for the General body meeting. Office bearers meeting which was conducted  on  March,13th,as per his whims and fancy and in contravention of union’s by-laws was attended hardly  by 235 members.

He further alleged that whenever he plan to hold General body meeting, he invite only his loyalists and conduct the meeting by violating the rules of the union with the help of police. Last year’s meeting held in this manner was declared unauthorized by district registrar following our complaint. Although Suvarna has promised to pacify the members that he will convene a meeting within short period of time he has not fulfilled his promise yet he lamented.

In his scathing attack on Suvarna he said in spite of not possessing ID card, three members namely Ravishankar Mijar, B.P.Divakar and himself (Suvarna) were allowed to attend the meeting held recently. However they have been suspended subsequently on the charges of interfering with internal affairs of hostel works.





Sitaram also said that Suvarna was deceiving and cheating the union and members of the union by going against the principles of “Shree Narayana Guru”. He said authorized members of the union who have been cheated all these time have come forward to form a rock solid unification committee of Billawa association to fight against the injustice and draconian style of functioning of Suvarna and for the welfare of the community.

Mr.Eshwar Salian, Dinesh Anchan, Purushotham Poojary, Aithappa Poojary, Shreedhar Kumar, Sureshchandra Kotian, Ravi Soorinje, Sudhakar Amin (all are office bearers) and others were present in the press meet.


Report by : Shekhar Moily

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