False Address Furnished By Yasin Bhatkal To Rent Premises In Mangalore City.

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Mangalore, Sep.14:Questions arose in investigation whether Mujahideen Co-founder Yasin Bhatkal and his cohort gave false address while renting a flat in Attavar abetted by a local  

It is claimed by the apartment owners that they did not rent out the flat to any person names Yasin Bhatkal or Asadulla Akhtar and have refused to reveal the name of the person in whose name the flat was rented and further said , “Please do not ask us anything, go to officials if you want information,”

And the flat owners also confirmed ,” “We did not suspect the persons who rented our flat, as they paid the rent amount on time,” said the apartment owner. He further said that they resided in the flat for about 4 to 5 months and they did not know who they actually were, until recently. The name mentioned in the agreement while renting the flat was not Yasin nor Asadulla.” The owners also stated that they became aware of the false name only after the investigation by the NIA.

It was established in the NIA investigation that yasin and Asadulla dwelled in the premises for a period of 6 months.

The building has commercial shops in the ground floor which include the apartment owners house, beauty palour, readymade garment shop, IOB Branch and Western Union money Transfer. The building is a 3 storey, which consists 11 apartments.

According to the MCC the apartment is legitimate. The building does not have a watchman, CCTV camera and elevator.

In other cities if a person from another city wants to rent a house, a letter from the police station should be produced concerning the agreement. For a local person, his local address documents are sufficient. Unfortunately in Mangalore no such rule has been enforced. Effortlessly an alien person can obtain a flat by publishing bogus address, name and other details. Only a few house owners probe the Adhar Card and other documents , said a senior police official.

The usual practice is that no legal documents are submitted if the premises is required for a period of 11 months or less. 2 witnesses are sufficient.Registration and Notary seal is only required if one wants to rent a house for more than one year. In Mangalore, majority of the people take house on rent for a period of 11 months, said another police official.

There is a probability that the apartment in which Yasin was residing might have been rented by some local person, said police sources.

By- Anjum Sheikh.

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