Puttur Doctor’s Report aided in hooking Delhi Rapist.

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Mangalore,sep.13: Dr.Ashith Acharya ,The assosiate Professor and Head of the department at the SDM College of Dental Sciences ,Dharwad has played an significant role in determining the role of the rapists in the crime.

Mr.Vivek gogia ,the joint director of police in Delhi addressed the media and said , evidences such as identification of the rapists, technical clues to prove gang rape, scientific evidence, finger prints, the structure of rapist’s teeth, DNA samples , witnesses and medical reports verifies that the crime had taken place. Moreover the mobile network of the suspects have proved the convicts were present in the bus.

Dr.Ashith Achrya conducted the test to match the bite wounds on the victim to the accused. The police sudmitted the charge sheet only after the confirmation test.

Dr.Ashith Acharya studied dentistry at SDM College of Dental Sciences at Dharwad and continued this dental research in Australia. Only 4 doctors have undergone gone this extensive training in India including Dr.Ashith Acharya.

Verdict of the Delhi police

 Dr Ashith Acharya gives the details of his involvement in the investigation as follows:

“As soon as the victim of the gang-rape was admitted to the hospital, the staff at Saftar Jung Hospital telephoned and asked me for information.  I suggested them to take pictures of the wound and keep them, besides getting additional information on them.

“I conducted research on pictures brought by an SI from Delhi and the models of the accused persons’ teeth.  I took a sample of their teeth and prepared a model in plaster of Paris.  The victim had bite wounds in five places on her body.  I compared the details of the wounds with a few laboratory tests.  I conducted more investigations with the help of a computer.  I observed the marks matched with the teeth structures of two accused.  I conducted investigation from six different angles before submitting my report.

“I got a call from Delhi police in the first week of January this year requesting me to conduct investigation in the case.  I went to Delhi in May as an expert witness in the fast track court.  Defense lawyers questioned me for one and a half hours. The judge also cleared his doubts.  I felt happy when the news of their conviction came on Wednesday September 10.  When I realized that my work was also involved in the release of the report confirming their conviction, I was overjoyed. The court having recognized the report on dental research for the sentence is a welcome sign.  It is a red letter day for me,” he said.

The principal of SDM dental college, Dr Srinath Thakur said, “Today is a day of great pride for us.  Karnataka government having recognized us for investigation of this nature, making use of our services and facility that is not available in Delhi, is a matter of great pride for us.”

Delhi gang-rape: All four convicts awarded capital Punishment.

By:Anjum Sheikh.

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