Kundapur: Jayachandra threatened to kill us!; So we attempted to kill him instead!!-accused

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Kundapur; Sept 04: Three people have been arrested by Kundapur police on Sept 03; Tuesday in connection with old rivalry attempted murder case of Jayachandra and produced before Kundapur J M F C court. The accused have been remanded to judicial custody until Sept 18 after the initial enquiry.


The accused have been identified as Rohan, Satish and Dinesh, all three are residents of Kundapur, Aanegalli.


What may be the enmity?: Sources said that victim of the assault, Jayachandra Lovely and his friend and accused Rohan have indulged in intense fighting, a few months back near Herikudru.Enraged Jayachandra, a ten days back abused him, used filthy languages and warned him that I will not leave like this and make your wife widow etc.Keeping these words as revenge, Rohan in collaboration with his friends has drawn a sketch to eliminate Jayachandra.


On September 02, Monday night, Rohan along with his friends after parking Maruti-800 on the main road, near Parijatha circle, was waiting for Jayachandra’s time of returning to home and it was around 9.30 pm in the night, while Jayachandra was on his way back to home in his bike, they followed him and stopped the car near the fish market.

Meantime, Jayachandra, who just came and parked his bike and was talking to someone, As he was talking, suddenly three men from car came towards Jayachandra and started assaulting him left and right and two of them, who had a sword in their hands attacked Jayachandra mercilessly as they wish but Jayachandra was single handedly defending and avoiding the attacks as far as possible by blocking the hits with the help of his hands. Thereafter, miscreants after attacking injured Jayachandra on his legs, who fell on the ground with knives, fled the place in their car towards Aanegalli.This much of informations have been disclosed by the accused at the time of interrogation.

Accused have been brought from Aanegalli on September 03, Tuesday by the police to Kundapur and during the time of interrogation, their modus operandi has been come to light.

Overall, the accused who have attempted to murderJayachandra, are now counting the rods in the jail. Police have recovered lethal weapons including Maruti-800 from the accused.

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