Injustice to Endo victims: We don’t need wrong information providing officials : U.T. Khader

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Mangalore, August 25:’ Non government institutions have done appreciable work by dragging the attention of government regarding wrong information of Health and Family Welfare and Ayush service department officials about the Endo victims. Hence, we don’t need such officials ’opined Health minister U.T. Khader.

‘By giving the wrong information Health and family Welfare and Ayush service department have cheated the Endo victims’ he alleged.

He further said that working committee have been formed to give the solution and provide the housing facility to Endo victims and government has reserved Rs. 50 crore for the welfare of the victims. Hence, necessary action will be taken in the head of committees and other organisations meet in the presence of chief Minister, he said.

By: sathish kapikad

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