Siddakatte: Lakhs of rupees golden ornaments looted from 2 jewelry shops

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Bantwal, August 23: The thieves were entered into jewellery shops and looted more than 42 lakh worth gold and silver ornaments at Bantwal-Moodbidri state highway in Siddakatte here on Thursday August 22.

According the sources, the incident happened in the morning 3 am and thieves were waste tried to steal from the Navarang Wine shop also, but they were succeeded to loot the ornaments from Dhanalaxmi jewellers and Swarnaprabha.


Details: The thieves entered the Swarnaprabha jewellers, which is belong to Elphale resident Prabhakara Acharya, by breaking the shutter and cuts the safe locker, through cutting machine. After that they took away 130 grams of gold, 15 kilograms of silver, the total worth being Rs 10 lakh.


In another incident, thieves were looted Rs.32.22 cost golden ornaments from Dhanalaxmi jewellers in front of Swarnaprabha jewellers, which was belong to Poonjalakatte resident Chidananda. During that time, when Vijaya Bank ATM security Prabhakara Poojary visited the spot, the thieves were threatened him by showing the lethal weapon.The rest of the thieves broke the locker with the help of machine cutter and looted 35 kilograms of silver and 370 grams of gold.

As soon as the thieves fled from the spot, the security guard informed the bakery owner who also has a shop nearby who in-turn informed the police and store owners. According to security there were 7-8 members in the thieves group and they were come from Omni and Maruthi car.

SP Abhishek Goel visited the spot. Bantrwal rural and Poonjalakatte police are carrying the investigation. Finger print experts also visited the place and 3 special groups are formed for the investigation about theft case.

By: Sathish Kapikad

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