Netravati river diversion project will have an adverse effect on Nature -says environmentalist

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Udipi; August 08: Addressing the students during a special lecture on adverse effects of Nethravathi River diversion organized by life sciences department of Poorna Prajna College, Udipi on August 08,Thursday said in his speech that Environment should improve but not the human beings!!.Netravati river diversion programme is in total turmoil for the people of coastal region. Government is going ahead with project on the basis of irrigation expert Paramashivayya report.




An artificial diversion of natural flowing water will have an adverse consequence, said Dr Madhyasta, an environmentalist.

He further said that river is not confined to providing water alone but also it supports the growth of various organisms on the planet earth.




Besides it also contributes to the economic and cultural development of the particular region and by diverting it and if we are paving way for development of altogether new culture, then it will be a colossal lose to both the sides, said Madhyasta.

 “River diversion will lead to destruction of forests and natural resources in our District.”he added.

Sadashiv Rao, Principal, presided. Dr.K.Malathi was present during the occasion. Secretaries Ramya secretary welcomed and Venkatesh delivered vote of thanks. Chaitra compered the programme.

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