Udipi: An apprehensive exaggerrated news reports on cattle thefts & illegal transportation may disrrupt harmony – Komu Souharda Vedike

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Udipi; August 07: Addressing the protestors in the protest organized by “Komu Souharda Vedike”on August 07, in front of Udipi SP office, G Rajashekar, President of Komu Souharda Vedhike said in his address that for the past seven days apprehensive news being published about cattle theft, illegal transportation and butchers in one of the dailies projecting even Komu Souharda vedike’s involvement as well in the illegal business and targeting entire  Muslim community as suspicious group in the society. The news has been projected in such a way that they themselves have witnessed the incidents in their own naked eyes.

He further alleged that to understand the truth behind the theft and subsequent transportation, police department is there and hence he urged the authorities to take strict action against this daily for publishing the contradictory, rubbish, fictitious, fabricated and anti-law news without any base.


He said again that nobody is playing with the animals by butchering and all the slaughtered animals are being used as human food for consumption. These lines are absent in the said news. As the    ‘Eid ul Fithr’ is approaching, all the pre-signs of disturbance and dis-harmony are being observed in the coastal region.

A memorandum has been submitted to udipi SP Boralingayya,urging authorities to take decisive step to take immediate action against publishing such sensitive and provocative news, which create disturbance, is-harmony amongst the people in the region and also to take preventive measures for maintaining law and order in the district, he added.

Paniraj, vice president, Mohammad Marakada,Hussain Kodibengre, Idris Hoode and among others were present.

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