Crore rupee ‘won’ message; women looses 3 lakh

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Mangalore, Aug 2: Every person must be needy but should not be greedy. But thirst for more richness is endless. Though media highlighted several cheating case reports and warned the people, fooling cases are still increasing around the society. Becoming an example to these words, a woman from Kinnigoli realized that she was fooled by a lottery message after losing Rs 3 lakh, according the source.

Actually she got a message like “you mobile number has won 5 crore pounds, hence to receive the amount, kindly pay the custom clearance amount after which the money will be deposited to your account’. After reading such message she was excited and felt so happy. Believing this message, without informing anyone, the woman sent Rs 3, 07,333 through Ikala branch of Karnataka Bank, Kinnigoli branch of Syndicate Bank, and SBI and Bank of Baroda.

When she lost all money and got no response from the so-called lottery company that she realized that she had been fooled. Accordingly this women has registered a complaint with Mulky police.

By: Satish Kapikad

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