Environment polluting projects won’t be supported: B Ramanatha Rai

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Mangalore, August 1:’ I don’t support those projects, which harms the  environment. Regarding Niddodi power plant, decision will take place after hearing the people’s  opinion’, said Forest and Ecology Minister B. Ramanatha Rai.


Addressing the media persons, he said that Paramashivayya’s report presented is in front of the people, but more research is required. ‘To solve  our people problem, it is necessity to think of Paschima Vahini project and workshop is already done regarding this project, but scientific study is required’, he said.


Regarding Niddodi project, he said that forest and environment department need to check the possibility and impossibilities of the project and this issue should not be used to create the scary environment. By understanding the problems of the people proper decision need to take place and regarding Ethinahole project, scientific investigation need to done’, he opined. On 2006 issue was presented, but still serious investigation required, he added.


‘Farmers land cannot be taken over easily. Union government has issued strict rules regarding the purchase the farmers land;  buyers need to pay the market value and several these kind of projects such as Kojentrics, Nagarjuna came and gone. At Elluru same situation has occurred but later protesters themselves  supported the project and that this incident should not happen’, he said.


‘Preservation of forest land is our duty and encroacher will be evicted. If domestic tribal have encroached they will get the solution soon. The  government has dedicated Rs 35 crore as solution to this issue, he said.

Pics : Satish Kapikad

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