Kundapur: Fierce Sea Erosion in ‘Madi’& some parts of ‘Kota’ near Thrasi

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Kundapur; July 28: Due to excessiveness of sea erosion in Thrasi and some parts of the Kota, the people who live near the sea shore have become helplessness.


Due to gusty winds blowing for the past one week, roaring of sea has become more intensified, resulting many coconut trees have become share of the sea.



People living in Kota’s Manoor Padukere, Manoor’s bellimane thota, Kota-Padukere are facing lot of tribulations.

Many electrical poles have been fallen down as a result of heavy waves, resulting darkness in the area as there was no power supply. Since there was no power supply, even for drinking water people have to struggle.


A total of six coconut trees have been destroyed due to heavy waves of the sea which includes of Jalaja Marakalthi of Manoor-Padukere, resident.

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Besides in Bellimane Thota and Kota-Padukere area also four coconut trees have been lost, it is reported.


Since the sea erosion has intensified, efforts to lay down boulders across the sea shore are going on for the past three-four days.


K Jayaprakash Hegde MP Loka sabha from Udipi-Chikamaglur has visited the sea erosion places in Kodi-Kalyana, Kota-Padukere, Manoor Padukere and examined the situation. He informed that he had a discussion with district commissioner and engineers of port department to take immediate measure to overcome the situation, he said.

In Madi sea shore near Thrasi, as a result of severe sea erosion, fishermen living on the shore are afraid of losing their boats, those have been anchored on the shore and requested the concerned authorities to take suitable measure for the safety of the boats.

Photo: Yogeesh Kumbhashi

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