Large containers wash up on Kasargod beach

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Kasargod, July 23, 2013, DHNS: Three large containers washed ashore at Shiriya Berika beach in Kasargod on Tuesday.

The containers, which are interconnected and contain Japanese script, were first noticed by fishermen at 11 am on Tuesday.

The fishermen informed coastal police, who with a bomb squad and firemen, cordoned off the area and issued a warning to locals living nearby. Labels on the containers indicate that each unit contains 24,000 litres of refrigerant.



The containers are the latest in a series of valuable flotsam which have been found on the beach here at Kasargod during the course of the week. Days ago, locals discovered refrigerators, footballs and caps washed up on shore.

Police are awaiting oil experts to inspect the find. The containers have attracted a throng
of people from various parts of the district.

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