Only 50 applications per day for Adhar Card! – frustrates public

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2013-07-23 10.09.37

Udupi; Head Post office, Udupi started giving applications and token for the Adhar Card from June 22nd on wards.  Every day, 50 applications are given to the applicants;  The 50 stands as per head in a family. There are only 3 centers in the district, which are Udupi, Kundapur and Byndoor.

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Few months back Udupi people faced somewhat same problem while applying for ration card. The procedure are same and the problem here are worst at the taluk Office. The long standing Queues proves that the system of giving 50 applications  will not be enough. There should be more counting and more staffs including more applications should be given.

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Saroja from Katpadi said that this is ridiculous, 50 applications per head  of family which means in a family if more than 4 to 5 members are there than per day only 10 to 15 families will get the application which is too less.

Rakesh Rao said that we are waiting from morning 7 and already it’s a long line before the counter opening.

Ananth interfered and said that the beginning 10 to 15 members will get the chance to submit the application but with the hope we are standing here.

Arun shetty said that we are waiting here and the weather is bad, it’s raining. It’s difficult to stand on the road with all the family members.

All the people at once had some opinion that there are more that 6 lac people in the district when could they finish giving the application? The government should open more counter and there should be systematic procedures to fast up the procedures.

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