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    balushetty mundaje madooru guthu

    Respected harish sir Being the president of devadiga sangha i congradulate ur social service.nd i wish that u continue th same in the coming future.I pray to God to Keep up ur good work.only because of ur presidentship DSD is shining at its present.jaigurudev

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    Dinesh Kumar

    Congratulations to all the recipients and the topper. Feels nice to see the end result of what we did as a sangha this year. Able leadership, sponsors and members here great job at the end. We could do more next year. Missed being there!

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    Raghavendra G

    Wonderful program. Great Considering so many students for the scolarship. Congratulations to everyone at sangha and also all kind hearted donors. Also to Mr. Karthik for scoring the top and every unique student there… Students just go ahead… We have people to support. Hope coming days many more people will follow Harish Sherigar…

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    Congratulation to all scholarship recipients. It is really great to know that Deekshith MC has scored 96% in SSLC exam, remarkable achievement. Delighted to know Manjunath Devadiga as National Athlete. Keep up the good work & reach higher & excel in life & make Devadiga community proud. Cheers..

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    Sanjay Jathanna

    Congrats Harish Sherigar and the entire Devadiga team for the encouragement you have been giving from many years, especially in the field of education. Hope the beneficiaries acknowledge this and do their best and in turn be a blessing in the future to your community. Keep up the good work. God bless you all and your efforts.

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    Prashant Rao

    Hats off to Mr. Harish Sherigar & team for raising funds for such a noble cause & encouraging young talents to achieve their dreams. This is a classic example for the great saying “For a Home/Group/Community/Society to prosper, children have to prosper & one of the key ingredients for that is, incorporation of good education”.
    Your efforts are really appreciated.

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