WIFS, programme inaugurated officially in the district

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Udupi, July 17: Zilla Panchayath, Education Department, Women and Children Welfare Department, District Health Department and Family Welfare Department jointly organized, Weekly Iron and Folic Acid Supplement (WIFS) programme at Hanumanth Nagar higher primary school on, Wednesday July 17.

Upendra Nayak(ZP, President) Inaugurated the programme.















WIFS is a central government scheme to tackle anaemia among children; the State government decided to distribute iron and folic acid supplements to students of government schools and aided schools on the same day, same time.








On the occasion of tablet distribution among the children, Ramchandra Bairy, DHO said that the tablet is to give physical and mental strength to the students. It will help the students to understand the changes of their body and mind. It will improve hemoglobin count in the body. This will keep the children fresh, active and sharp. In a healthy body 12 grms count is a must, 12 to 7grm is anaemia and lesser count from12 to 7 is savior anaemia.

He added that to prevent anaemia washing hands after going to toilet or before having food is a must, wearing sandals and taking warms killing tablets for every six months is must. School student are supposed to take tablet after midday meals, every Monday. On vacations, they should continue eating it teachers to counsel them.















CEO Prabhakar Sharma said that government is giving good facilities to the school going students.  School dropped migrated children’s number in the district is increasing day by day, the officials are more concern about the migrant kids  because their parent themselves are not prefer to send them to school as their local language is different than kannada like bihari, telugu etc, government is thinking about providing special training with their own language .









12 poor students were provided with umbrella

Gowri Poojari(TP, President)Nagendra Madyastha (DDPI), Ashok Kamatha(BEO)and Ganapathi sheyan and others were present.


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