Facebook love proves costlier to youth; a lesson for others to follow

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Puttur/Mangalore, July 13: This particular incident of Facebook Romeos not only proves fatal to Ravi, a youth from Neelamangala, Bangalore but also landed him in distraught condition. He was  a B.Com graduate and skilled at doing electrician’s work and owns a truck, the same has been hired to a friend.

Ravi, who had the habit of chatting during his spare time through Facebook, came across a girl, who was believed to be from Puttur, working for private company in Bangalore three years back.

In spite of not knowing each other nor they met, the relationship between them grew as strong as solid rock as they used to chat over weeks and months and Ravi, it is said grew a strong affinity towards her and over a period of time, felt it was impossible to live without her and used to remit money to her account as when she requested. During the period since he got to know this girl through Facebook, Ravi might have doled out nearly 13 to 14 lac to her account.

Ravi, who tried to commit suicide by the roadside at Nelyady in the taluk a few days ago, was admitted into a hospital in Puttur. Seeing his condition, someone had called 108 ambulance service, which in turn, brought him to the hospital here. When questioned about the reason for ending his life, he said he is unemployed now, and had failed to bag a job. “I had visited Mangalore and stayed in a friend’s room.

But there too I did not get a proper job. I boarded a bus to Bangalore. When I got down at Uppinangady, the bus went away. I did not have money to go home, and therefore decided to commit suicide,” he explained.

Ravi, who has learnt a lesson, has a piece of advice to Facebook fans, “Never fall in love through Facebook!

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