Mangalore pockets face water woes due to technical glitches

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Thumbe vented dam

MANGALORE: Mangalore has received sufficient rain this monsoon and water levels at the Thumbe vented dam that caters to the coastal city’s water needs has touched the maximum level.

Yet, people in many parts of the city are facing water shortage. The complain that the Mangalore City Corporation (MCC) is not taking necessary steps to ensure equal distribution of water to all areas.

Independent houses are the worse hit when compared to multi-storied apartments. Ramaraya Kamath, a resident of Hampankatta in the city, told TOI that they do not get drinking water on a regular basis. “We get water once in two days or four days. Even if they supply water regularly, there is not enough pressure for the water to reach the tank on the roof. We get temporary relief for a few days, if we complain about irregular water supply. MCC should supply water at least one hour every day. The corporation should also ensure that water is being supplied in sufficient force so that it reaches the overhead tanks,” he said adding that his neighbours too are facing the same difficulty.

Sunil Kumar, another resident, said that the city corporation needs to monitor the water supply system more efficiently. “Problems are happing only because of lack of proper management. There should be an efficient system to monitor the functioning of valve men and other technical staff in the water supply division,” he added.

When TOI contacted the city corporation authorities, they said that there is no water scarcity in the city and the city gets an average of 140 mld of water regularly to cater about 78,000 consumers.

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