I am not for Yeddyurappa’s return: DV Sadananda Gowda

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BANGALORE: “Why would I support BS Yeddyurappa’s re-entry into the party? I was the one who suffered the most because of him,” said former chief minister DV SadanandaGowda, who was elevated to the top post by Yeddyurappa, and a few months later, dislodged by the same man. “If the party thinks his entry will benefit the party, I don’t have any qualms,” he told The Times of India.

Former CM BS Yeddyurappa was a thorn in the flesh when you were the CM. Why are you supporting his comeback?

This is wrong information. What I said was Yeddyurappa’s issue should be resolved at a meeting held at MP DB Chandre Gowda’s house. I’m very particular that there should be no indecision regarding his return. The matter should be discussed and if the party feels his re-entry will benefit its larger interests, we should take him back. We had utter confusion 10 months before the assembly polls regarding his exit, and this led to a setback. Now there’s more confusion. It should be resolved.

How should it be resolved?

There should be a detailed discussion within the party, on the pros and cons of taking him back, like groupism, allegations made against party patriarch LK Advani and charges of corruption against him. Definitely, I’m not for Yeddyurappa because I was the one who suffered the most because of him. We sent him out because of corruption charges. The charges are still there. That itself is not the issue, the confusion is. First, the party should decide whether he should be taken at all. Later, issues like the position he should be given etc, can be sorted out.

How strong is the opposition to his entry? Who are they?

I’d say it’s 50:50. I cannot reveal who’s against him since it was discussed behind closed doors, and it’s a party matter. His entry has both positive and negative points. If he gets even 51% votes, we’ll take him back. If he doesn’t, we should tell our supporters and party workers that he will not be taken back.

Will Yeddyurappa’s entry benefit the party?

Views differ from person to person, area to area. Yeddyurappa’s return will have no impact in the coastal region. Definitely, he has some impact in North Karnataka. We’ve to discuss the matter and end the confusion.

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