Cheap rate liquor, Govt’s secret agenda; Alleges MP Nalin Kumar Kateel

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Mangalore, June 21:  MP Nalin Kumar Kateel alleges that state government’s decision of cheap rate liquor to poor is a secret agenda.

He further said that nobody has insisted or asked to implement the scheme of cheap liquor and government itself taking a lead in the implementation of cheap rate liquor to poor. Government must realize the fact that by selling the cheap rate liquor to the poor, their poverty cannot be wiped out or welfare cannot guaranteed.

If the scheme of cheap liquor scheme is not withdrawn by the government, BJP in co-ordination with other pro-people Sanghatanas jointly would stage a massive protest in the days to come, he warned

Liquor or any other intoxicating drink is not essential part of the life and this is the media for spoiling the life of younger generation. By selling cheap liquor to the poor, poor people will consume more liquor and thereby poor people become poorer, he added

In the best interest of poor people’s health and with good intention to bring them up above the poverty line and to build healthy society the previous government has banned the sale of liquor even at the cost of loss incurred to government ex-chequer and if the government is going ahead with cheap rate liquor project, it will have a very bad impact on the society, he warned

He further stated that there is no need to provide employment to youths through liquor licence, instead government can create an employment opportunities in other sectors, he said in his release.

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