Who will wear BigBoss crown! Can you guess?!

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Mangalore, June 10: Oops!! For the 90 days without any contacts, communication with external world, living inside big house in their own world? They were fourteen members but yes, eyes on them were countless.


Once the time begins at 8.00 pm, all eyes of viewers will be glued to TVs because it is not wrong if we say that all the participants of the show are all well talented in one way or other.Partcipants along with their talents and with an oblique references, all of them are anxiously waiting for an opportunity to wear Big Boss crown.

In big boss house, everybody is given one task every week. Amongst the tasks, it is very interesting to watch , when we compare the items, which were in earlier reality show like  “Pyate Mandhi,Kadig Bandha” ( urban people, came to forest) and “Halli hydha Pyateg Bandha” (Village lad, came to city).Except enjoyment, entertainments nothing sort of difficulties were there in the bigg boss house. Still participants fail to succeed some times.

There will be always difference of opinions amongst the participants. Although sometimes externally it appears close affinity amongst some of the participants, there will always be a fight amongst some of them.

Although they behave as if nothing wrong with them, internally their faces are east-west. In spite of violating the rules of the house, because of their closeness towards people, public will help them to stay in the house through voting.

Every Friday, weekly story with Kiccha was thrilling to watch. Every Friday and Saturday Kiccha used to come with different new costumes. It was nice to watch the eliminated participants, who come on the dais to inform all the happenings during task period in front of Kicch Sudeep.

In the event of mistakes, he will laugh and participants will be taken for task. Likewise he will remind of good moments to the contestants and hugs the participants. Satisfied with his hug, eliminated participants will forget their pains.

If viewers got any doubt about Bigg Boss, Kicch Sudeep will solve the same on Friday during discussion session.

In the beginning, inside the Bigg boss house there were groups but now at the end of the show all are fighting individually. Earlier love, friendship, affection etc has now turned into selfish face.

Now amongst last remaining five participants an atmosphere of anxiety,curiosity prevailed. Now within few days, curtain will fall on their anxiety and curiosity.

Now we have to watch and see,keeping our fingers crossed, who will wear “the Bigg Boss Crown? “ This is thousand dollars question for the viewers!!!!!!!!!!

Report by: Nishmita Bekal

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