Torrential rain uproots trees at Lalbaug; Traffic disrupted

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Mangalore, June 7: It has been reported in the city that one of the trees on the Lalbaug road side, opposite Pabbas, fell on the Mangalore-Udipi highway road along with root due to torrential rain on June 7,Friday.


As a result of the incident, which took place at 10.45 am, complete traffic was disrupted.


In this NH 66, Mangalore-Udipi Road, daily one can witness heavy movements of the vehicles and public but luckily on that particular moment of incident, neither the movement of vehicles nor the public was observed and hence no major casualties were reported.



Since the tree fell on the mid of the road, complete traffic was blocked and traffic police had a tough time in dealing with the traffic and suspended the traffic in that area.


Thereafter police have made one way arrangement on the other side of four lane highway.

Photo source:Sathish Kapikad


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