Maha Shivarathri observed across the coastal area, devotees throng at various temples to offer prayers.

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Pics By : Sathish Kapikad

Mangaluru, February 17:  Maha Shivarathri is observed all over the district with great devotion.  People crowded at various shrines before sunrise, fulfilled their vows and offered prayers to Lord Shiva on this auspicious day. On this day, the devotees switch on to vegetarian diet and go on for a fasting.

Kadri_Maha_Shivartri_2 Kadri_Maha_Shivartri_3 Kadri_Maha_Shivartri_4 Kadri_Maha_Shivartri_5 Kadri_Maha_Shivartri_6 Kadri_Maha_Shivartri_7 Kadri_Maha_Shivartri_8 Kadri_Maha_Shivartri_9 Kadri_Maha_Shivartri_10 Kadri_Maha_Shivartri_11 Kadri_Maha_Shivartri_12 Kadri_Maha_Shivartri_13 Kadri_Maha_Shivartri_14 Kadri_Maha_Shivartri_15 Kadri_Maha_Shivartri_16 Kadri_Maha_Shivartri_17 Kadri_Maha_Shivartri_18 Kadri_Maha_Shivartri_19 Kadri_Maha_Shivartri_20 Kadri_Maha_Shivartri_21 Kadri_Maha_Shivartri_22 Kadri_Maha_Shivartri_23 Kadri_Maha_Shivartri_24 Kadri_Maha_Shivartri_25 Kadri_Maha_Shivartri_26


Temples of Mangaluru such as Kadri Shree Manjunatha Temple, Kudroli Shree Gokarnanatha Temple, Pandeshwara Mahalinga Temple, Urwa Panchalingeshwara Temple, Kavoor Panchalingeshwara Temple, Suratkal Idya- Shree Mahalingeshwara Temple, Panambur Shree Nandaneshwara Temple, Shree Sadashiva Mahaganapathy Temple opposite to KREC and other temple were seen crowded by people to offer their worship to Lord Shiva.

Kadri_Maha_Shivartri_27 Kadri_Maha_Shivartri_28 Kadri_Maha_Shivartri_29 Kadri_Maha_Shivartri_30 Kadri_Maha_Shivartri_31 Kudroli_Shivaratri_32 Kudroli_Shivaratri_33 Kudroli_Shivaratri_34 Kudroli_Shivaratri_35 Kudroli_Shivaratri_36 Kudroli_Shivaratri_37 Kudroli_Shivaratri_38 Kudroli_Shivaratri_39 Kudroli_Shivaratri_kadri_40 Kudroli_Shivaratri_kadri_41 Kudroli_Shivaratri_kadri_42

Including Dharmasthala Shree Manjunatha Swamy Temple, various temples across the coastal area are thronged by devotees on this auspicious day. Devotees go on fasting throughout the day, and quit the sleep during night and pray to the lord throughout the day. People offer Bilwa leaves to Lord Shiva which he likes the most.

Kudroli_Shivaratri_kadri_43 Kudroli_Shivaratri_kadri_44 Kudroli_Shivaratri_kadri_45 Kudroli_Shivaratri_kadri_46 Kudroli_Shivaratri_kadri_47 Kudroli_Shivaratri_kadri_48 Kudroli_Shivaratri_kadri_49 Kudroli_Shivaratri_kadri_50

Overall, the people were seen involved in devoting Lord Shiva across the area.

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