Mangalore-Kasargod still closer: Expect buses in every three minutes

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Mangalore, May 30: It has been reported that now the passengers who are commuting between Mangalore-Kerala will enjoy the bus service facilities every three minutes.

In view of facilitating better service to passengers traveling on this route from both the states, Kerala and Karnataka state transport company increased 36 buses each, which will ply in every two hours frequency.


Ever since NH 66, which connects these two major cities, was nationalized in 2008, states run buses were plying in more numbers than the private buses. After the agreement made between Karnataka and Kerala government for the complete control of movement of the buses, number of movement of private buses had come down drastically.

In view of cost cutting, when Kerala state transport company was facing acute financial crunch due to increase in diesel price and reduction in subsidy, Kerala Transport Company had to resort for the suspension of 15 buses temporarily. During this period Kerala government has given temporary permit for private buses for one month.

During this time only petition asking for the continuation of private bus service submitted in Supreme Court by private bus owners has come out for hearing .In this context Supreme Court has directed authorities to form a committee to gather opinions from the passengers commuting between these two cities about the continuity of both private and state run buses. Accordingly one month before opinion from the passengers of both the states have been gathered.

The Kerala state transport company resumed the service of 15 buses, which have been suspended in the pretext of cost -cutting, when they realized the fact that private buses might continue ply on this route again. Since validity period of temporary license has also been got expired, now state run transport buses are at upper hand.

Movement without restraint:

Though buses are starting every 3 minutes of frequency, it seems movements of the buses like competition between them, coming one after the other without any control. However there are enough evidences to prove that even if buses are moving empty without passengers, if some passengers wave his/her hand, they will not stop the buses. It has been suggested to appoint time keepers at major bus stops to regularize the movement of the buses to every three minutes frequency for the convenience of the passengers.

Volvo bus service completely stopped:

As there is no profit, services of all the 4 Volvo buses plying between Mangalore-Kasargod has been stopped and started the service of ordinary state run buses in the place of Volvo buses.

Accordingly Kerala state transport company has decided to introduce the services of 10 express buses on Kerala-Mangalore route and already started service of seven new buses on this route.

Students deprived of their Pass facilities:

Since this is the inter-state route, whatever the major decisions like discounts, facilities, reduced price and incentive to be given etc, has to be decided jointly by Kerala and Karnataka government. Therefore daily commuters and students in particular are facing problem.

It has been urged both the governments to take some redressal steps to mitigate the problems faced by daily commuters and students by proving them with student pass, discounted pass for daily commuters and extended service up to Hasmpankatta and state bank.

Now at present all the buses are coming only up to Jyothi circle and from there it directly goes to Bijai KSRTC bus stand, thereby putting the passengers in great difficulties those who want to continue journey up to Hampankatta and State bank.

In this context, authorities concerned from both the governments must come out with some viable solutions in the best interest of the passengers.

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