Licences of school – college vehicles will be cancelled if rules not adhered to: RTO

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MANGALORE: The district administration has warned that strict action will be initiated against school and college managements that do not adhere to rules with regard to transportation of students.

Regional transport officer (RTO) C Mallikarjuna and additional deputy commissioner KA Dayananda told school/ college heads at a meeting that managements will be held responsible for any violations. “The department in association with the department of police will start inspections on June 3. We will cancel the licences of school or college vehicles if rules are not adhered,” he added.


All school vehicles should be painted in yellow and should display the message- School Bus- in black bold letters. If the vehicles are being plied on a lease basis, they should write ‘On School Duty’.

No vehicles will be allowed to carry more children than their capacity. All children above 12 years should be given a full seat and those below 12 years should be given a half seat.

“Fire extinguisher machines should be fixed in all school vehicles without fail. Information such as the name of the school/ college and phone numbers should be displayed on the vehicles. Drivers should have at least five years of experience. Arrangements should be made to keep bags and food carriers under the seats. Doors of the vehicles should have proper locks and a staff from the institution should be there in each vehicle while transporting children,” Mallikarjuna said.


The RTO also said vehicles will be seized if all documents are not properly maintained. “Permit, fitness and insurance should be renewed periodically by paying the prescribed amount. Action under Motor Vehicles Act will be initiated if rules are found violated during the joint checking. Action will also be taken against auto drivers if they carry more than six children in their autorickshaw,” he said.

‘Maintain a register for vehicles’

All school managements should maintain a record of vehicles in use for transporting students of their institution. “Schools should collect details of vehicles, drivers and also maintain a register with details of permit and insurance. This will help managements renew documents on time,” Mallikarjuna said adding that school managements also should collect details of private vehicles that are used for transporting school children.

Uniform for drivers

Drivers of school/ college vehicles should compulsorily wear trousers and shirts of light blue shade and shoes. They should also wear a name badge, the RTO said.


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