Miraculous escape for passengers; driver’s presence of mind averts tragedy

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Mangalore, May 28: A KSRTC bus carrying 20-25 passengers on board was plying from Badami to Mangalore via udipi skidded off the road and hit the bridge near Bangra Kulur on NH 66 at around 5.45 am on May 28, Tuesday.The driver’s presence of mind which saved the passengers on board miraculously.

It is learnt that driver of the bus tried to apply the brakes but as the roads were damp due to heavy rain lashed out in the region, bus skidded off the road and hit the bridge.


When the driver of the realized that passengers on board were about to jump out of the bus, it was his timely presence of mind enabled him to control the bus and bring it to stop just at the right moment and thus saved the lives of the passengers on board.

Had the bus gone little further, there was an every possibilities of the vehicle falling over the bridge and would have resulted in a major casualties, said locals gathered at the spot.

Although not much casualties were reported, the passengers and bus staff suffered minor bruises and injuries.

Another bus was brought to the place of incident to transport stranded passengers to Mangalore.

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