One man’s poison is another man’s food ; locals in merry mood as they took an opportunity to collect petrol and diesel as they wish

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Mangalore/Sullia, May 28: It has been reported that a tanker carrying petrol and diesel heading towards Kushalnagar from Mangalore overturned near Bolubail on May 27, Monday evening and which resulted in the seepage of petrol and diesel from a crack caused due to the impact of the overturn.

Realizing the situation, clever local people have started flocking to the site of an accident with drums, pots, cans, bottles and even utensils to collect petrol and diesel as much they want from the overturned tanker.

It was reported that initially diesel and petrol started trickling in small quantities but the people who gathered there worked out to a bigger hole so that they get ample opportunities to loot the leaking these highly inflammable liquids.

The petrol filling work was on even as vehicles moved on the road and the people were busy filling their cans with petrol least bothered about the repercussions of any spark. The fire service personnel, who rushed to the spot, plugged the leakage.

The police later arrived to the spot, dispersed the crowd. A crane was hired to life the tanker from the position.

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