Two cops hospitalized after being beaten by inebriated gang

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Mangalore, May 28: It has been reported in the city that two cops have been admitted in the hospital for treatment after being beaten by group of men who were all intoxicated at Alake market near Kudroli late night on May 26, Sunday.

Sources said that the incident took place when the police control room received a call at around 1.10 am on Monday for causing nuisance at Alake market near Kudroli by the drunken men in the mid of night.

When head constable Damodar, aged 54 along with Eshwaraswamy, aged 48 went to Alake market as instructed by their higher officers, they saw that five persons who were fully drunk, were involved in heated arguments in raised voices.

As soon as Damodar,head constable got out of the police control room vehicle and questioned about their unruly behavior and intention, the gang members reportedly snatched away canes from them  and assaulted the policemen mercilessly.

Even Eshwaraswamy who was trying to save Damodar was also not spared and kicked in the back and waist regions. Besides they also hurled abusive and filthy languages against the cops.Eshwaraswmy succeeded in escaping from there and called the control room. By that time accused have fled away from the spot in two cars.

Eshwaraswamy said that both he and his colleague have put in over two decades of service in the department and this was their worst experience so far and said that he was pained at the fact that gang did not respect the uniforms they were wearing. He further said both of them do not know the individuals involved but will be able to identify them.

Assistant commissioner of police, Kavita and Bunder sub-inspector of police Ramakrishna, visited the hospital and enquired about the well-being of their injured subordinates.

Ramakrishna said that the policemen have got hint about the gang members and promised with confidence that culprits would be apprehended soon. It was believed that one of the accused is a newly elected corporator.


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