ACP Jagannath lands in another controversy

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Mangalore, May 25: It has been reported that already three complaints have been lodged against ACP Jagannath, landed ACP in more trouble.

While second complaint being from Srikala herself, third one is by Jeweler from Thokkottu.Srikala in her complaint alleged ACP that he had used Mohan,a writer in the police department to lodge a complaint against her and her husband Sanjay Kumar, implicating them of running a business of doubling investment.

Srikala stated in her complaint that ACP has resorted to this move after she refused to budge to his demand to withdraw the first complaint lodged against him. Mangalore police commissioner Manish Karbikar has confirmed the receipt of the second complaint from Srikala.

Karbikar however referring to her argument that she did not have faith in the investigation by DCP Mutturaya as both Jagannath and himself were of the same batch said that he had no other option as there are only two DCP rank officers in the commissionerate.

In another complaint lodged by Nazeer, owner of the Atlas jewellery from Thokkottu has alleged that ACP Jagannath had tried to favor a man who had cheated him after purchasing Jewellery worth Rs 5 lakhs from the shop and paid Rs one lakh in cash and remaining amount through two cheques of his wife Maimoona.

But when the cheques bounced unpaid, Nazeer-owner of the shop lodged a complaint with police. According to Nazeer, Jagannath interfered and took the cheque back and made arrangements to pay half the balance by Majeed stating that balance amount would be paid later.

But when the full amount was not settled for long time, Nazeer had approached ACP in the hopes of finding some solution to the already brewing dispute but to the utter dismay of Nazeer, ACP reportedly threatened him and asked him to recover the money, if he had any guts.

Nazeer has urged the commissioner to initiate an action against Majeed and his wife Maimoona including ACP Jagannath for abetting them.

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