Riding boat capsized in Malpe beach- two year child goes missing.

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Mangalore, May 20: It has been reported that a riding boat carrying team of tourists from Doddaballapur has been capsized at Malpe beach due to rough sea on May 19, Sunday evening and Prasanna Gowda along with his two years son Hitesh were reported missing.

Condition of three saved children, who were said to be serious, have been admitted in one of the Udipi’s Private hospitals.

Sources said that team consisting of ten family members has come from Doddaballapur on picnic and met with this accident.

It has reported that immediately after taking tourist one round in the sea,a strong wave due to rough sea hit the boat and capsized and as a result child which was with mothers hand, was thrown in to the sea.

Moment after the boat capsized, some locals in co-ordination with some fishermen from Tamil Nadu like Janeel, Stallin, Subhash, Sajin along with some other fishermen rushed to the spot and swung into action and saved the people who have been trapped in the boat. Only because of their timely presence of mind, three seriously injured children could be saved from the jaws of death.

During the rescue operation, some of them lost their mobile and money in the sea, sources said. It is said as the sea was rough on Sunday, strong waves were hitting the shore and riding boat had to met an accident like this.

Another sources said that the permission for riding boat was given only up to May 15,Wednesday but the boat owner flouted the rules,resulting the tragedy.

It was in fact heart touching when we listen the screaming of mother,who lost her baby in sea and searching frantically at least for the child’s mortal remains.

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