In a massive humanistic conference, KCF Qatar unit launched.

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Doha, October 22: In support of the Karnataka Yatra organised by the general secretary Sultanul Ulama AP Abubakkar Musliyar of All India Sunni Jamiyyatul Ulama from Gulbarga to Mangalore under the banner “Respect The Mankind” from October 25th to November 2nd; conference of the Humanist in Doha, launched Karnataka Cultural Foundation (KC F) Qatar unit.

The humanistic conference organised at various Gulf countries organised by Karnataka Cultural Foundation in support of the Karnataka Yatra by A P Ustad is drawing the attention of all.

In the current situation where humanity rarely expressed, AP Ustad is spreading the message of humanity to all overlooking the religion and caste, for 9 consecutive days which passes through 18 districts.


The humanistic conference organised by KCF Qatar national committee began with the “Duwa” by Dr Mohammad Fazil Razwi Kaval Katte. This program was presided over by Hafil Ummarull Farook Sakhafi and launched by Sayyed Jalaluddin Al Haadi Thangal Ujre. G.M Mohammad Kaamil Sakhafi presented the subject.

ICF representatives such as K B Abdulla Haji, Abdul Salam Haji Papinasheri, Ahmed Sakhafi Perampra, Paadi Abdulla Haji, RSC representatives Jamalluddin Az Hari, Ummar Kund Thod and others were present in the ceremony.

At the end of the conference over 20 youths owed against dowry.

The culmination prayer was led by Sayyed Hassan Sakhaf Thangal Aadur.

Abdul Rahim Saadi welcomed and Abdul Sattar Ashrafi  Matha proposed the vote of thanks.

During this conference, Sayyed Jalaluddin Al Hadi Thangal Ujre legally declared the KCF Qatar association.

The details of the Qatar national association office bearers were read out by Karnataka SYS state general secretary G M Mohammed Kaamil Sakhafi. Following are their list.

Hafil Ummarul Farooq Sakhafi Yemmemadu (President), Abdul Rahim Sadi Panemangaluru (general secretary), Abdul Rahman Navunda (treasurer), Yusuf Sakhafi Ayyengeri (Chairman- Association block), Mirshaad Kanyana (Secretary –  Association block), Abdul Sathar Ashrafi Matha (President –Education block), Ummarul Farooq Krishnapura (Secretary-Education block), Abbas Chickamagaluru (Chairman – Pacifying block), Hanif Paathur (Secretary – Pacifying block).

Members of the Executive Committee namely  Nassir Haji Katipalla, Abdul Lathif  Haji Tingaladi, Abdul Kabir Deralakatte, Muneer Chikamagaluru, Hassainar Kundapur, Abdul Rahman Poonjal katte, Munsur Padil, Ashraf Mudipu, Shabir Ahmed Honnavar, Mustafa Navunda, PH Ismail Yedturu Padavu were chosen during this occasion.

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