‘Mum had sex with my boyfriend after he beat me up’ reveals shocked daughter

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He restricted Chelsea from hanging out with her friends and would often fight with her.

Scunthorpe, England: After walking out of an abusive relationship, Chelsea Hopper had turned to her only support for love and affection – her mother. But little did she know that her mum was the one who betrayed her and slept with Chelsea’s abusive boyfriend.

According to a report in the Mirror, Hopper had been in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend Kevin Scott. After a number of attempts to save the relationship, Hopper finally decided to walk out after she discovered that Scott had been engaging in sex with her mother and another woman.

Chelsea had met Scott in 2014 and had been in a relationship with him since then. The initial days of her relationship recalled by Chelsea were loving. “Kevin would always chat me up, making jokes and complimenting my looks. He was always very charming. I really thought I would end up marrying him one day,” Chelsea was quoted as saying.

As days passed, things got worse and Scott turned violent. He restricted Chelsea from hanging out with her friends and would often fight with her. He would also turn violent at times, throw things at her and abuse her physically, revealed Chelsea.

Describing how her relationship fell apart, Chelsea said that she once received text messages stating that Scott was cheating on her. When she confronted him about it, he completely denied it. As tensions started increasing, Scott’s behavior changed and he started abusing her.

Eventually, Chelsea returned to her parents home. Even after being physically abused by her boyfriend, she thought of giving him a second chance only to find out that her mother had been sleeping with him.

She came across a series of Facebook messages exchanged between Scott and her mother in which she had been telling Scott about how good he was in bed.

Even after facing betrayal from her own mother, she decided to give her relationship another chance to survive and that’s when she thought of going back to Scott.

But to her dismay, when she returned to Scott’s home in Christmas, she caught him in the bed with another woman.

“I felt suicidal and locked myself in the bathroom with a bottle of pills. Thankfully my friend arrived and got me out of there,” said Chelsea who is now in a new relationship.

Scott has been accused of causing physical hurt to Chelsea and has been placed under a restraining order by Scunthorpe JPs and must carry out 140 hours unpaid work, pay £660 court costs and give Chelsea £100 compensation.

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