Watch: This guy took fake book covers on the subway to see people’s reactions

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What makes the prank even more hilarious is the fact that the comedian played his part very convincingly.

It’s common knowledge that some people pretend that they have read certain books to appear ‘intellectual’ in front of others. On the other hand, nobody pretends to read certain books to make themselves look like a pervert or even a psycho. So, comedian Scott Rogowsky decided to do just that to see how fellow commuters on a New York subway would react. And as you might have guessed – they’re reactions were priceless.

Rogowsky was brave enough to be seen with eye-popping titles like ‘101 Penis-lengthening tips you can do’, ‘Mein Kampf for Kids!’, ‘How to Hold a Fart’ and even ‘Slut-shaming your Baby’. While some commuters were seen snickering at the comedian’s choice of ‘alternative literature’ others even tried to take a photo of him perhaps as proof to show their friends.

What makes the prank even more hilarious is the fact Rogowsky played his part in which he had to appear deeply engrossed in the books very convincingly.

Click on the link below to view the video:

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